Northern Argentina Bodegas

Cafayate has a laid-back rhythm, colonial style, and wine cellars (bodegas) open to the public and is what attracted us to this town located in northern Argentina.

Located at 1,660 m above sea level, Cafayate is well known because of its famous torrontes wine product of the exquisite combination of temperature and humidity that provides the ideal environment to the growth of the sweet and deep fruit flavor.

Although we did not visit all the bodegas, we did make it to 2 or 3 each day for our 5 days in this area.  Bodegas with Palm trees.   One wine tasting included a great lunch with a bottle of wine, and a long afternoon nap. Another day we drove south of Cafayate and found a beautiful winery and guest house, we had a bottle of white wine with our queso and pan, and a long afternoon nap (siesta). Our favorite was Bodega Nanni, a vineyard with organic wine. We liked this one so much we brought a couple bottles back to Bolivia for thanksgiving. The naps really help because people in this part of the world do not eat dinner until 8 or 9.

Driving to Cafayate, you drive thru a canyon filled with red rocks, similar to those found in Utah along the Colorado River. Yet different, another Colorado River runs through this canyon as well.