Avignon (Provence) France

Of course, when we first think of Provence, we think of lavender, sunflowers and sitting under a plane tree drinking rosé while munching on olives from the market and cooling off by the fountain. Unfortunately, the lavender and sunflowers are harvested in mid-August and we were in Provence in mid-September, but fall days are glorious in their own right, sun kissed days and walking in … Continue reading Avignon (Provence) France

Planes, trains, boats, bikes and zeppelins

A lot can happen in one week. Lake Constance is bordered by three countries: Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The Euro Bike Show; the everything bicycle trade show, held in the Lake Constance area is 5 convention halls of EVERYTHING bicycle. Parts, clothing, cycle trips and many manufacturers. Our goal was to meet manufacturers of electric bikes and ascertain if products purchased in Europe would be … Continue reading Planes, trains, boats, bikes and zeppelins

Three Paris Icons

Notre Dame, Roudin Museum, Lourve Museum: The Notre Dame is a french-gothic architectural masterpeice from the 12th century. This amazing cathedral is a visual masterpeice of stone and glass. The Notre Dame is a world renowned historical landmark in paris, literally in the heart of paris. Literally all distances from the city of paris are calculated from a bronze stone in front of the cathedral … Continue reading Three Paris Icons

Baltic Cruise

The Baltic cruise included capitals surrounding the Baltic Sea including Saint Petersburg.   Cruise included many ports but by far the highlight was Saint Petersburg .as evidenced by the last three blog posts.  This post covers the cruise and ports other than St. Petersburg. We flew from Moscow to Copenhagen, where we embarked on the Regal Princess and 12 day journey.  Our kids lived in … Continue reading Baltic Cruise

St. Petersburg Churches – Russia continues

The Russian Orthodox Churches are just amazing. Much like Moscow, the churches that remain standing fall into two categories: those attached to Palaces (as family places of worship) and those that were purpose built as a memorial. St Issac’s was built in 1818 to commemorate the victory over Napoleon. It is lavishly decorated with marble and other stones (malachite columns). It was closed during the … Continue reading St. Petersburg Churches – Russia continues

Три дня в Москье. (Three Full Days in Moscow)

Moscow is a very cosmopolitan city, the women are beautifully dressed and sneakers are not worn unless a is performing athletics, or a tourist is visiting. What I realized is that tourists are performing athletics. In the space of beautiful, interesting and diverse 3 days, David and Karen walked 25 miles! We decided to use guides in Moscow. Three delightful ladies shared their day with … Continue reading Три дня в Москье. (Three Full Days in Moscow)

End of a Chapter

The remainder of summer 2016 (3 months) was spent traveling the Southeast USA covering states of Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. A relatively small area, 375 miles if you drove straight through, but what would be the fun in that? We had 3 themes for this journey: Civil war history; water/beaches; and culture (concerts/theater). We found a list (of course there was a list … Continue reading End of a Chapter

A natural wonder – Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls are truly a magnificent display of nature. Their size and scale are unlike any other waterfall on earth. The falls may be viewed from Argentina and Brazil, we visited them from Iguazu National Park in Argentina as Brazil required a visa. The park has many catwalks and trails taking you over rivers and to the upper and lower circuit and Devil’s Throat. In … Continue reading A natural wonder – Iguazu Falls

Rockhopper Penguins on Falkland Island

Distinguished by their pink webbed feet, red-orange beak, blood red eyes, bright yellow crests, and the irreverent black and yellow “crown”. They were named for their distinctive hopping movements over the rocky hills and cliffs where they live and breed. Due to the harsh rocky environment, they cannot slide on their bellies like most penguins, so they hop to get from one place to another. … Continue reading Rockhopper Penguins on Falkland Island

Ushuaia, Terra Del Fuego, Cape Horn, and Drake Passage

We cruised to the southernmost town on the South American continent and last outpost before Antarctica, Ushuaia has earned the name el Fin del Mundo. Ushuaia is, quite literally, the end of the road. Located off the tip of the South American continent in the archipelago called Tierra del Fuego, it’s considered the southernmost city in the world. its location — between snow topped mountains … Continue reading Ushuaia, Terra Del Fuego, Cape Horn, and Drake Passage

The Chilean Fjords, Glacier Alley

The Chilean fjords’ snow-capped volcanoes and spectacular frosty glaciers are certainly dramatic highlights — During this part is of the cruise, we were out on deck with binoculars and camera in hand to watch the Captain expertly maneuver through the slalom course of islands and channel markers, dodge brash sea ice and bits of ice bergs as we pass by the glaciers. We saw lots … Continue reading The Chilean Fjords, Glacier Alley