Jazmine helps an orangutan baby for a year!

Jazz and Mas, her new orangutan baby, have much in common: they both have a humbling “knowing” in their eyes, they are both very intelligent, they both make you smile, they both like to eat fruit and they both have a big interest in their finger nails. Jazz would help any animal, so when the Orangutan Rehabilitation Center said they needed help to feed the animals healthy food, Grandpa and Grandma knew Jazz would volunteer!

The plight of the world’s orang-utans has touched the hearts of many. This highly intelligent creature, sharing 97% of the same DNA as us, is lives only in Borneo and Sumatra.

Mas’ mom Analisa was born at the Rehabilitation Center in Kuching in 1996. Mas was born in 2016 on Malaysia Day. The Sarawak Forestry has updates on each of the apes every quarter.