Lone Pine Koala sanctuary near Brisbane

It was supposed to be a short day driving, so there was room for a quick side trip. The quick side trip was supposed to be a quick 1-2 hour introduction to Koalas. We were traveling through the habitat area and shipmates recommended this stop. It became 3-4 hours and 600 pictures of Koalas, each picture cuter than the picture before! Koalas sleeping, eating, just looking around, and you think gotta take a picture, gotta take a picture, then you go by koala kindergarten where the baby to juvenile koalas were cavorting, and time suspended and another 50-60 pictures were taken. Finally after hours, we tore ourselves away and made our daily destination. But in response to all of that here are a few of our favorite snaps, so cute you want to bring them all home . . . . . . .we took a few moments away from the Koalas and saw Tasmanian Devils and some Kangaroos. Check out the Joey in one of the Kangaroos pouch.