The Lost Year

If every scar tells a story, we wrote a book.

Sometimes, this traveling stuff is bloody hard work. Pulling power cords, hefting baskets filled with equipment, lifting kayaks into the bed of the truck, carrying bicycles thru tunnels in European train stations, loading the bikes on the train (along with luggage) in less than a minute.

So we have wear and tear . . . Worn arthritic joints, his and her torn rotator cuffs (plural), hernias. Our annual physicals were dismal. After resting for an extraordinary long time, and hoping things would get better on their own, we ultimately gave up; planned for medical care back home (Denver) where we are both known by our docs and loved by our families and friends.

We think Florida is a possible retirement option. We both have family and friends within a few hours, and we play well there: we kayaked and bicycled with family, flying with a sport airplane club, and shared the sunshine with visitors. A great airport nearby meant we could fly to visit folks in other places too. New York City for pre-Christmas lights, to and from Denver on a great deal, Boston and West Palm Beach for once in a lifetime family events and a warm birthday party in Mexico with dear Denver friends.

By May, our stuff went into storage, made a cross country car trip and found a great rental house. In the space of 4 months, David had a hip replacement followed by a complete dislocation and finally better again. Karen had multiple surgeries on both shoulders, a hernia repair and an unexpected case of pneumonia which landed her in the hospital.

We attended our grand daughters Kindergarten graduation, a vow renewal with our kids Jonathan and Janet. Took the grandkids on a mini vacation around Colorado and Utah. And then enjoyed Denver. Dinner out or BBQ’s with friends, even a biking for David — once he got past the initial sit still phase. The museum was hosting a Viking exhibit, and we can always find a park with a live concert in the summertime. We took Chase to an Air Force Academy football game. Doctor appointments and physical therapy was part of the regular routine, but it was the path to a complete healing and we found very capable providers.

We limped away by September and traveled back to our storage space via a different route, and more people to see. Spent 3 weeks in the rig, on Myrtle Beach, enjoying the hard packed sand and all there is to do in that area. Myrtle Beach is a fun place, with shows, shopping, and sea views we were constantly busy.

And then back to Florida. Our quest for a retirement destination has taken us to a new place in Florida. Near Orlando, it has great airport access, lots of sunshine, lots of things to do and people to do it with. We rented another house in the village (on a lake), to see if the community is one where we could see ourselves actually living there! The real revelation is that the full time travel might be coming to an end; or at least the homeless part.

Oh did I mention there are a few more surgeries scheduled? More scars, more stories!