Europe with the whole Family (almost)

One of the mysteries of the universe to me is how does a trip idea spark into reality.  I decided, it usually starts with people talking smack.   Bantering back and forth, upgrading to one-up-man-ship, general family stuff.   Then there is that nanosecond that one person says something meaningful and the concept of “I bet we could do that” appears. A spark! then it is just a logistic puzzle. … Continue reading Europe with the whole Family (almost)

Cancer Diagnosis

March 4, 2019, David underwent surgery to remove his right upper lung lobe.  The lobe contained a 1/2 ” nodule, first diagnosed in 2016, has doubled in size.  During that surgery, the nodule and 16 lymph nodes were removed.  The nodule and 2 lymph nodes were positive for cancer.  David has been diagnosed with Stage 3A lung cancer. Two weeks after surgery he was riding … Continue reading Cancer Diagnosis

Full Time Travel and Beyond………

Full time travel is an incredible journey, and if it’s something you want to do, I highly recommend joining the band of travelers who sell everything they own to travel the world. Travel is a personal journey and an individual experience, so it really doesn’t matter where your travel style falls in the whole tourist vs traveler debate. There is no right or wrong way … Continue reading Full Time Travel and Beyond………

The Lost Year

If every scar tells a story, we wrote a book. Sometimes, this traveling stuff is bloody hard work. Pulling power cords, hefting baskets filled with equipment, lifting kayaks into the bed of the truck, carrying bicycles thru tunnels in European train stations, loading the bikes on the train (along with luggage) in less than a minute. So we have wear and tear . . . … Continue reading The Lost Year