My Little Girl – Megan Elise

How your life can change in an instant. Life changed for me exactly one month ago, September 20, 2015

Shortly after her birth on November 7, 1979, Megan moved to a foster home in Denver. She lived in a foster home while social services searched for an adoptive home. She was a little over two years old when she was introduced to Deborah and I.   It was love at first sight between Megan and her new adoptive to-be parents; we felt a true connection. We met several times; each meeting was longer, and included our taking Megan to the Denver Zoo. What a feeling we had, embracing potential, becoming parents, becoming a family!

We knew from that first day. Megan would be ours. The Miracle of Adoption was successful as we adopted her in early 1982. She was 2 ½ years old.

As Megan became a young lady, she had a great talent to write poetry and her desire to help anyone in need. She always had a great smile and that eager to help.

On September 20, 2015, the lord took her from us: her family; her friends; all those she loved; and those that loved her. As we reflect on her short amazing life, we will miss her smile and kindness.

Megan Elise – November 7, 1979 – September 20, 2015.

You will be missed and I will always love you,