End of summer – 2015

AD4DA628-BADB-4BB8-B092-3A7D565D29F7The summers goal was to circle Lake Superior. We spent more than a two months in Minnesota alone, then Wisconsin and both upstate and downstate Michigan. We ducked into Canada on either side of Lake Superior: Thunder Bay and Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. The entire journey was 4,500 miles on the truck and many more on the car since we considered side trips the stuff of life.

Summer always goes by too quickly. The opportunity to do something outside, with the sun on your face and wind providing a cool alternative. Caravan life is perfect for summer. We would enjoy the landscape, paddle the course of the river, explore the small towns, have a campfire, check out the stars, then moved the rig and do it all over again. The journey this summer was one of the best summers I can remember in my whole life.

The waterways were amazing. Never saw the Great Lakes so completely, we followed Lakes Superior, Michigan and Huron. We had many adventures from the water perspective: in Picture Rocks National Park, in Isle Royal National Park, in bicycling along the waters edge, in camping directly on the shores of Lake Superior for a week in Grand Marais, MN.

We discovered the joys of the rail to trail system for bicycling, fully utilized in this part of the country since the iron ore mines were closed. The hardwood trees, and the density of the forests reminded me of my origins in upstate New York. The trail system is a smart use of resources and good for your health. It almost always is near a Dairy Queen ice cream store, a plus when you are thirsty after a long ride.

The people were so friendly, the river access points were well signed, the scenery was beautiful, and it was a summer to remember.