Cancer Diagnosis

March 4, 2019, David underwent surgery to remove his right upper lung lobe.  The lobe contained a 1/2 ” nodule, first diagnosed in 2016, has doubled in size.  During that surgery, the nodule and 16 lymph nodes were removed.  The nodule and 2 lymph nodes were positive for cancer.  David has been diagnosed with Stage 3A lung cancer. Two weeks after surgery he was riding over 50 miles a week on his bicycle and walking 4 miles.  

Treatment plan included: 4 Chemo treatments starting in April and concluding in June.  Once Chemo treatments were completed he started 5 weeks (25 sessions) of radiation treatments.  Great news – Subsequent PET scan showed no cancer remaining.  

August 14, David completed all treatments and rang the special bell.  David “rang the bell” at Mayo Clinic’s Radiation Oncology department in  Jacksonville, FL.  The plaque above the bell, states victory never felt so sweet.  

Great News! November 2019, David completed his three month CT scan and follow up consultation appointments with his doctors. Good news – cancer did not show up in this scan. He will continue CT scans every three months for two years.