Piestany, Czech Republic

Piestany Spa

The first written mention of the healing springs is from 1549, but the town has been internationally famous since the 19th century.

The thermal water is highly effective with the healing of chronic mobility and inflammatory conditions and the blue black mud, harvested from the banks of the town’s river Vah is marinated in the thermal mineral water for a whole year before its use in treatments.

Mud baths have been around since ancient times, but we have never enjoyed them in a 5* luxury setting. For four lovely days, David and Karen, lounged, swam, massaged, steam roomed, ate, napped and relaxed deeply on our mid trip break.

Why Piestany? This spa is where long time family friends would go each year (about 20 years really) to relax and rejuvenate. Although we had been invited to accompany them, work always got in the way, but now was just the right opportunity.

Right time, right place, right decision.