Salmon Fishing

Another iconic Alaskan experience is fishing.  So many fishing opportunities are available:  trout, grayling, 5 types of salmon, halibut, in the river, the bay, the gulf and the ocean.  We chose Seward regulations allow 3 silver salmon from the gulf and 3 more from Resurrection Bay.  The ride to the fishing ground was 1.5 hours; all full bore, plowing through swells and other wakes.  Chase thought it was great; Karen wanted a chiropractor.

Captain Dave knew we arrived when he found a large number of puffin since they follow the fish.  He was right.  After we dropped the lines, it took minutes even seconds for a FISH ON call.  Our group of 6 people caught the maximum of 18 silver salmon within 25 minutes.  From there we moved into the bay, and Grandpa David caught another 2 more, the other 5 came back with their original three.  For the three people from our family the net weight was 36 pounds of filets.

Enough to completely fill a freezer in our RV and lots of good eating for a long time coming.