The High One – Denali (Mount McKinley)

We climbed Mount McKinley – David style:  in a plane, of course.  We even climbed a few hundred feet above the summit.  That was how we spent David’s birthday!

The flight seeing tour was the only company that took you up and over the summit so you could see the mountain up close and personal.  It was a bonus, on that day, to have such beautiful weather.

One of the last wilderness areas untouched by modern man: over six million acres of open alpine tundra, wildlife, mile high granite gorges, ancient blue glaciers and endless icy peaks …

Mount McKinley or Denali is the highest mountain peak in North America, with a summit elevation of 20,320 feet above sea level. At some 18,000 feet the base to peak rise is considered the largest of any mountain situated entirely above sea level. Located in the Alaska Range in the interior of US state of Alaska, it is the centerpiece of Denali National Park and Preserve.