The Reef Flyover

David loves to fly.   We had a great opportunity to connect with the local aero club and rent a Cessna 172 plane, similar to the one he had owned in 1980s.  The local instructor could do the radio side and act as a local guide while David flew along our previous travel path and over the reef.  Up over the Captain Cook Highway; over Port Douglas and the Low Islands and it’s lighthouse and finally to the outer reef, where the plates end and it drops quickly and deeply to the Pacific.  The islands and the color of the water was so varied , the aqua blue punctuated by coral growing just beneath the water.  Green island is another private resort where you can stay! and after seeing to from the sky I realize you can snorkel right off the beach.

I don’t want to leave!   But now I can say that we have seen the reef from many perspectives and locations.  Now we need to go sailing for a few days in the Whitsundays — oh wait, that’s the next blog.