The Resort Towns

Australia has some pretty cool places to hang out while living the magic.

We stayed in Airlie Beach, took a side trip to Hamilton island (an upmarket resort with aqua toys) Port Douglas and Cairns in order to access this section of our trip.  I could live in any of these towns, though it was clear that tourism was important to the economy of each.  I loved the  friendly nature of the people, the vibrant main streets, the total sense of humor it is lovely when people don’t take themselves too seriously.

Hamilton Island is a bit pricey.  We stopped into Airlie Beach to book a sailing trip and take a few day trips — and found a last minute special.  For a mere $260 per night you can stay at this island, which includes the free ferry ride to the island.  Over the entire 1,500 mile stretch of the GBR, we have found perhaps 8 locations where you can stay overnight, so despite the price, this was our chance and we took it.  A gorgeous beach, a couple of pools, golf carts zipping around, it was all picture perfect.  But by far the best part was the hobie sailboats and other aqua toys.   We raced, we zipped, we stalled, we laughed, and we got each other scared as we whipped about in the small catamaran.