Wolf’s Breakfast – Being Hyderized

Hyderized!! We were Hyderized during our drive from Alaska. Hyder, AK is across the Canadian / US Border opposite Stewart, BC. To get there, you depart the ALCAN Highway just west of Watson Lake, Yukon and head south on the Cassiar Highway and towards Stewart, BC. Upon heading south, say good bye to the Yukon, as you cross into British Columbia. The first 60 miles of the Cassair is slow going as the road has many frost heaves and reminded us of a roller coaster ride in Coney Island. It takes nearly 4 hours to arrive in Stewart from Watson Lake and there is no US Border Crossing as you enter Hyder, Alaska from Stewart, BC. As you return into BC, however, you must clear Canadian Customs at Stewart.

We went to Hyder to see Bears along Fish Creek. Soon after arriving at Fish Creek at 6:30am, a wolf walked slowly down the river to feast on some salmon.  Look closely at the photo, the wolf had two salmon in its mouth!